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Dr. Brown's Colored bottle brush



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The Colored Bottle Brush by Dr. Brown's is ideal for cleaning Dr. Brown's. The brush has a sponge at the tip for a more precise cleaning of the bottle, in addition to having nylon bristles and a "V" sponge shape for a better reach of the hard-to-reach parts. The Bottle Brush by Dr. Brown's has, in its handle, a small brush for cleaning the nozzles and a suction cup to facilitate drying and keep the product hygienic.
package contents
- 1 Dr. Brown's.
warnings and recommendations
- Do not use microwaves.
- Can be washed in a dishwasher, in the upper basket.
- Wash in warm water with mild soap.
- Cannot be sterilized.
- Do not use this product without adult supervision.
- Do not expose the product to the sun, as it can cause premature aging.
- Keep the packaging and/or label for possible consultations.
- Regularly examine the condition of the product. If any part shows damage or signs of wear, it is recommended to discard it.
- All measurements are approximate values ​​and may vary slightly.