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Twisty Petz Twisty Girlz Glitzy Bitzy GML


Introducing the newest way to twist: Twisty Girlz. These fashionable dolls transform from cute girl into a bracelet you can wear. Each Twisty Girlz features a different stylish outfit and cool hairstyle and comes with a secret Twisty Pet. Open up the mystery pet carrier to reveal your dollÕs adorable pet and you could find a unicorn, elephant, puppy, kitty and more. Then, use the lead to attach your doll and pet together. With a few simple twists, your Twisty Girlz doll becomes a trendy braceletÑthe perfect accessory for any outfit. You can also transform the super cute pet into a blingy ring and connect your jewellery together with the lead. Collect all of the Twisty Girlz, including rare and super-rare dolls (each sold separately) and discover a new way to twist.Safety Warningchoking_hazard_small_parts