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NUK First Choice+ Size 2 Latex Teats Medium 6-18 Months



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NUK First Choice + teats replicate a mother's nipple whilst breastfeeding. The soft nipple takes on different shapes whilst also promoting the development of the baby's mouth, lips and tongue. The NUK First Choice + teat features the special, orthodontic, asymmetrical NUK shape, an extra wide lip support and new extra soft tip to fit baby's mouth perfectly, simulating breastfeeding as closely as possible, so true to nature that most babies hardly notice the difference. The NUK Teat also features the NUK anti-colic air system, which allows air to flow into the bottle through the improved vent, stopping baby swallowing air and helping to prevent colic. They are approved by the British Dental Health Foundation. BPA free. These teats are only compatible with NUK First Choice and First Choice+ bottles and not NUK standard bottles.