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Playgo Act & Sound Dino World


This bright developing toy will help parents improve the sound and visual perception of the baby, as well as introduce them to the world of dinosaurs. The product is made in the form of a cave with decorative stickers and buttons, pressing on which we will hear the fascinating sounds made by the dinosaurs. The childÕs fascinating games will be accompanied by a flashing light bulb on the body, raising his mood. Multicolored rings on the arc move freely and spin. Dinosaurs play a rotating transparent ball. Red moves his head, Blue makes sounds, and Green can hide behind a hill. The yellow window switches attention to the time of day. Imagining the various subjects of the game, the kid will develop creative thinking and fantasy. For the development of small motor skills on the body of the product, the imitation of rotating balls, beads and colorful rings, strung on a white base, is provided. The toy is made of certified and high-quality plastic, therefore it is absolutely safe for children. And the product is painted with non-toxic resistant dyes that do not abrade from the surface and remain as bright for a long time. The size of the toy is optimal for childrenÕs handles, so the crumb is comfortable to hold it.