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Philips Avent Sealing Discs to the Bottle 6 Pieces



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Philips Avent Diskettes sealants for bottle feeding To easily store milk and baby food The Philips AVENT sealing discs convert all Philips AVENT bottle in containers for storing breast milk and baby food. They are compatible with our baby bottles and BPA-Free Classic and Natural. FEATURES Ideal for storing breast milk The sealing disc allows you to store or put in the freezer your precious breast milk without any loss. Remember that the sealing disc must essero used with the nut Philips AVENT to avoid spills. You can write data on the disk for storage You can write the date of extraction or freezing on the sealing disc. Easily Put breast milk or baby food. The Philips AVENT sealing discs are free of BPE The Philips AVENT sealing discs are made of PP (polypropylene) and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), two BPA-free materials. 6 sealing discs to store breast milk or baby food Easily Put your milk and baby food in the Philips AVENT bottle. Close again the bottle with sealing disc.

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