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Joie Kubbie Sleep, Grey



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If you enjoy using a side sleeping crib at home but you are going away on holiday and want to be able to continue this without having to take the crib with you the Joie Kubbie Sleep travel cot is for you.Simple and quick to set up and fold awayDual purpose; for sleeping and playingCarrying bag for easy transportationBuilt-in bassinette to help prevent bad backSide sleeping is much safer than co-sleepingAll about meLooking like a standard travel cot you may not notice at first the KubbieSleep's clever hidden feature. On one side of the cot is a drop down side allowing you easier access to see to your little one if they are crying. There is an included bassinette for when your little one is very young keeping them close to you.Once they are bigger, you can remove the bassinette and you have a travel cot. As well as having mesh sides, one of these opens in a semi-circular shape, allowing easy ingress and egress for your little one should you choose so you can save you back by not having to lift them in and out.As with most travel cots, there is a removable mattress, it folds compactly and has its own carry bag and has wheels on one side for easy movement between rooms.

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