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Muze Comfortable Stroller Coal



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Joie Muze LX travel is a good looking and affordable travel bag for basic use. The Mux LX travel compartment features a long, adjustable jacket and a retractable cap. Hood and bottle protect the baby. There is a peeking hole in the kuom where you can watch the baby and what’s on his stroller. The Mux LX ratas always travels face to face.

  • The Mux LX stroller seat can be adjusted to a fully lying position.
  • The seat has adjustable five-point harnesses and removable table for the child.
  • The harness has three heights.
  • There is a spacious luggage compartment under the seat.
  • The swivel front wheels can be locked and the rear wheel is fitted with a foot brake.
  • All tires have springs that provide softness for driving.
  • The track can be easily assembled and locked in a stack so it can be lifted for example in a car.
  • There is a cup holder in the workpiece, where you can drink and other small things.