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Graco Slimfit Group 0+/1/2/3 Car Seat, Red



When you are buying a car seat you want to make sure you are buying one that is not only safe but is correct for your child's height and weight. Things a made much easier with the Graco Slimfit Group 0+/1/2/3 Car Seat - this seat will see your little one through from birth all the way to 12 years old (or whenever they no longer need a car seat - whichever comes first!).Extended rear facing for additional safetyAvoid spills with the integrated cup holdersUltimate long-lasting safety; excellent valueAll about meStarting in its first stage the Slimfit is fitting in the car in a rear-facing position. It is suitable from birth andcan stay in the rear-facing position until your little one reaches 18kg (which is about 4 years old) allowing you to use it as an extended rear facing car seat, which is now thought to be the safest way for your little one to travel when they are young.The seat can be used in the forward facing position from 9kg (around 9 months old) if you prefer until they reach 18kg with the built-in, no-rethread harness. This clever harness adjusts as you move the headrest into 1 of 10 positions, so there is no complicated unthreading and trying to figure out which way round it goes when you put it back together!Once they reach 15kg, they can move onto the high back booster stage od the car seat. The harness neatly tucks behind a panel in the back of the seat.The seat is designed to last a longtime and as such has a reinforced steel frame as well asEPS, energy absorbing foam to keep them safe. There is also a padded body insert and harness pads for comfort. You will also find a removable cup holder, to keep that all importantdrink close by.Suitable from birth to 36kg (approx 12 years old)Rearward and forward facingR44/04 compliantBelted installation.