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LEGO UniKitty Party Time


Relive favorite moments from the happiest, most sparkly and colorful TV series around with the LEGO Unikitty! 41453 Party Time set, featuring a DJ booth with decks, speakers, balloons and flags, a spinning dancefloor with lights, gift boxes for guests and an enormous birthday cake to wheel in on a cake trolley. The set also includes 4 buildable figures from the TV series to help create the party atmosphere! Includes buildable Unikitty, Prince Puppycorn, Hawkodile and Master Frown figures. Features a DJ booth with decks, speakers, balloons and flags, spinning dancefloor with lights, buildable birthday cake, trolley and gift boxes. Accessory elements include balloons, 2 new horns for Unikitty and a cake. Throw a party, Unikingdom style, with fun, friendship and happiness all around! Help Unikitty make sure EVERYONE has a good time, even the grumpy Master Frown and Brock! Join Prince Puppycorn in the DJ booth to make sure the party goes with a swing. Wheel out the giant birthday cake to share, and remember to give the guests a gift box when itÕs time to leave. LEGO Unikitty! sets are easy to build and perfect for recreating the magic and sparkle of the TV series at home. DJ booth measures over 3Ó (8cm) high, 5Ó (14cm) wide and 1Ó (4cm) deep. Dancefloor measures under 1Ó (3cm) high, 2Ó (8cm) wide and 1Ó (5cm) deep. Birthday cake on trolley measures over 1Ó (4cm) high, 1Ó (4cm) wide and 1Ó (4cm) deep.