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Chicco 2 Natural Latex Dummy Teat Feeding Bottle 0M+



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It Helps The Baby'S Mounth And Tongue Action To Develop Properly And Satisfies His Natural Sucking Instinct. Research On The Chicco Orthodontic Teat Was Conducted By A Scientific Committee Comprising Orthodontic University Lecturers. This Work Group Analysed ?Read More The Scientific Results And Outlined The Most Important Aspects To Consider Regarding The Correct Way Of Using Soothers, And The Characteristics They Should Have. The Soft Shield Is Made Entirely From Latex Rubber And Is Ideal For Sleep-Time. Tongue Hollow - It Is Smaller In Size And Allows The Tongue To Remain In Its Natural Position, Which Is Towards The Front Of The Roof Of The Mounth. The Shape Of The Teat Correctly Distributes The Strength Of The Tongue Movement Over The Entire Palate, Even Sideways, And This Helps It To Develop Properly. Palatine Grooves - These Are Small Grooves On The Head Of The Teat, Reference Points For The Correct Position Of The Tip Of The Tongue For A Correct Upward Movement During Suction And Swallowing. Extra-Slim Profile - The Neck Of The Teat Helps The Baby To Close His Mounth Properly; The Top Part Is Inclined To Adapt To The Natural Position Of The Tongue.