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Chicco Teething Ring Fresh Relax Various Colors



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Berry teether Fresh Relax It soothes the gums keeping the cold for a long time With your child everything is so exciting, every day a new surprise.. And how exciting when her smile begin to erupt first teeth! But when you need to talk about real teething? Did you know that there are different needs, which change from month to month? Why Chicco has developed a complete line of teether to meet the child's specific needs in the different phases of teething. From 4 months: SOOTHE! Children need to soothe sore gums due to the eruption of the first teeth. l Fresh Relax Teething equipped with ergonomic handles, is designed to refresh and soothe the gums, it can be stored in the refrigerator to cool the water contained in the bearing and relieve sore gums due to teething.

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