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Chicco Feeding Bottle Well-being and Colored Polypropylene Silicone 250ml Model + 2Mesi



Berry Feeding Bottle Well-being And polypropylene Silicone 250ml EFFECT ANTI-COLONIC TRIED * The anti-colic valve is designed to prevent air ingestion, helping to reduce irritability, regurgitation and colic after feeding. * Consumer test carried out on 200 children and mothers in Italy, 2015 Feedings quiet and continues 1. The broad base comfortably accommodates baby's lips facilitating sucking 2. The rings embossed due to their roughness offer a natural feel Accepted with falicita The soft and supple teat facilitates the transition from breast to bottle and back again Designed to simplify your life 1.Tappo drip for maximum protection and hygiene 2. Interchangeable Physiological Teat 3. Secure closure: no loss 4. Wide Aperture: fast to fill and easy to clean 5. Bottle ergonomic, practical for mom Silicone "EFFECT MOTHER" The unique finish makes the teat smooth and extremely pleasant extras during suckling. Tested by children recommended by mothers average flow Ideal for children in the first months of life, when they start to suck with more voracity.

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