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Chicco Physio Air Lumiere Silicone Soother 6-12 Months 2 Pacifiers



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Berry Physio Air Lumiere Silicone Soother PHYSIO soothers LUMIERE with orthodontic teat ACTIVE and ACTIVE that favors the correct development of the mouth and dsi glows in the dark Teat Physio Active: 1. It promotes the natural positioning of the tongue: small reliefs on the head of the teat reproduce the natural wrinkles on the palate. The recess and inclined profile allow the natural positioning of the tongue inside the mouth and nourish its natural movement. 2. Evenly distributes the pressure on the palate, for correct oral development: the shape of the teat evenly distributes the pressure of the tongue on the palate, even sideways, favoring the proper development. 3. super thin base, to accommodate the optimal closing of the mouth: the base of the teat, extremely thin and soft, improves the optimal closing of the mouth, reducing the risk of misalignment of the dental arches. The ACTIVE action is obtained thanks to the sum of the 3 characteristics of the teat, designed to promote the functional development of the muscles of the mouth and the child's face and the anatomical development of the palate and mouth. Soother Physio Air: Special shield designed for maximum ventilation of the skin. With ACTIVE teat which actively promotes the correct development of the mouth: it favors the natural position of the tongue. evenly distributes the pressure on the palate to a correct oral development. super thin base, for optimal closing of the mouth. Numerous anti-irritation Holes ensure air circulation preventing the stagnation of saliva and leaving the pores can breathe. ergonomic shape It adapts to the child's face, ensuring the correct room for the nose and chin. rounded edges to rest gently on the skin. Active Silicone teat. Silicone is a transparent material and hygienic, it is tasteless and odorless and does not deform over time. Available in 3 different measurements, 0m +, 12m + 4m + and, to ensure the correct size of the soother at any stage of growth. Teat Physio Active: the opinion of dentists. In 2014 it is conducted in collaboration with SIDO, a survey of 321 orthodontists to know their opinion on the soother, and in particular on the teat Physio in relation to the development of the mouth.

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