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Chicco Physio Comfort Soother


  • The new Physio Comfort soother has been studied with a special shape to offer maximum freedom to the baby, during suctions movements, providing maximum comfort.
  • It has: - Extra Ergonomic shape: Ensures maximum space for chin and nose, facilitating breathing and movement.
  • 4 Convex contact surfaces: for an extreme gentleness on baby's skin
  • Teat: ensures space for natural movement of lips during sucking moments
  • It is ideal for 0m+ babies and is available in Silicone material.
  • Super thin base, for optimal closing of the mouth.
  • Extra ergonomic shape leaves ample room to areas of the nose and chin of the child, facilitating the movement and breathing.
  • Wide area at the base of the teat.
  • The area around the base of the teat is large and well spaced from the face, so as to leave room for the natural movement of the lips while sucking.
  • The soother rests on the child's face with only four small convex areas, thus ensuring utmost delicacy.
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