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Protects the baby from relapse, discomfort and colic. Ideal for everyday use. Chicco Baby Bottle 240ml Glass With Normal Flow Nipple Made of high quality borosilicate glass, the Well Being 240ml bottle is resistant to temperature changes, for greater safety.

The Well Being 240ml glass baby bottle guarantees maximum practicality thanks to its ergonomic shape, is suitable for sterilization and is safe in the dishwasher. Thanks to the special Physio Perfect 5 nipple made of soft silicone with a special Soft Sense treatment, the Well Being 240ml bottle ensures natural and pleasant breastfeeding for the baby from the first months of his life. High quality glass Borosilicate glass, safe and healthy with high resistance to temperature changes.

Maintains its quality over time. Suitable for sterilization and dishwasher. Natural nipple The Physio Perfect 5 nipple facilitates the correct application in the mouth and the rhythmic movement of the tongue thanks to the special flattened, symmetrical shape that elongates. Available in four different streams that adapt to different developmental stages (Normal, Moderate, Fast and Food).

Made of soft silicone, it ensures natural and relaxed breastfeeding thanks to the special Soft Sense treatment. Acceptable from 9 to 10. * Perfect closure The shape respects the natural anatomy of the baby and facilitates smooth breastfeeding Acceptable from 9 to 10. * Soft silicone The nipple gives the feeling of softness of the breast, thanks to the soft silicone with a special Soft Sense treatment.

Easy to use Well Being baby bottle with anti-leak cap: maximum hygiene and protection Female Physio Perfect 5 No leaks thanks to the special lid. Large opening for quick filling and easy cleaning. Practical and functional to use thanks to the ergonomic shape. Normal flow Ideal for smooth breastfeeding in the first months of life.