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Manual Breast Tip Remover


  • BPA-free raw materials are used in production in accordance with FDA standards
  • A baby bottle nipple is a natural material, tasteless and odorless In this way, it will be easy for the baby to adapt to the pacifier
  • It helps to breastfeed by gently pulling out flattened or inverted nipples
  • It offers hygienic use thanks to its carrying box

OverviewSome nipples may be flat or inverted. This situation can also be seen after birth due to the enlargement or swelling of the breasts. A flat or inverted nipple can make it difficult for a baby to grasp the breast and start breastfeeding. Wee Baby Nipple Remover is a tool that allows your nipple to be removed temporarily. Thus, your baby can grasp the nipple more comfortably and begin to suck.