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Angry Birds Remote Control Car


Recommended for kids with high energy levels and panache for speed. This is a rare luxury for a good gift, one of the kid's favorite toys!! Special Feature: Create your own stunts at your command Front Rotating wheel with 360 degree spinning action. The super spinning action allows it to perform various cool stunts that other standard RC Cars can't. Just connect the batteries (not included) and it's ready to do amazing flip overs and super wheelies with blazing speed. Accessories: - remote control, charger, charging panels, 9V battery and antenna Impress your buddies with mind boggling stunts with this remote-controlled stunt car. 360° Spins Experience the thrill of 360° spins and awesome flips with an expert flick of the dual joystick control. You can now easily send your car into left, right, forward and reverse mode and can even make up your own stunts. Cool Detailing The highly detailed features of this car make it all the more attractive. It is equipped with fully-functional headlights, rubber tires and simulated spoke-type wheels. The tires are also fitted with colorful flashing lights. Perfect for Gifting Equipped with so many awesome features, this amazing stunt car is an ideal gift for kids aged 5 years and above.