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Avengers Super Man Remote Control Car


  • -Nice Design.
  • -Kid's favorite.
  • -Collect all of them.
  • -Fun Toy Suitable for Gifts.
  • -27MHz Controller (sharing channel).
  • -2 Pcs AA Batteries for Controller and 3 Pcs AA Batteries for Control Car (Batteries Not Included)Product Specification:
  •  Item: 1 pcs Remote Control Car.
  •  Product Size: Approx. 19 * 8 * 5 cm.
  •  Package Size: Approx. 26 * 9 * 13 cm.
  • Control Car Knowledge - MUST KNOW!!!
  • -There are many types of control cars/toys in the market. And they can be categorize into many groups, for example, rechargeable type and non-rechargeable type and so on.
  • -We would like to share with you the knowledge of the control here. This control car is using the 27MHz type controller. -This mean the control car is sharing the same channel, so you have to play it separately or else disruption may occur.
  • -If you would like to play the racing car at the same time, you need to choose the 2.4G type control car. With that, the control car got its own channel and will not disrupted by other controller. The player can enjoy its game happily without disruption! Hope this sharing helps! Thank you.