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Bestway AQUA BONES Pool Noodles, 6-12 years, 122 x 6.5 cm, assorted


The Aqua Bones are shapeable pool noodles by Bestway that promise a lot of fun! Bend and twist the Aqua Bones as you please while they always return to their original shape. They are specially designed for getting used to water and can also be used for water aerobics. With their flexible "bones" that crack when deformed, they invite you to splash around or just let yourself drift in the water. The pool noodles offer a variety of ways to have fun in the water!


product details

  • Size: 6.5cm x 122cm
  • Age recommendation: 6-12 years
  • Flexible, supple foam with a malleable core
  • Placed under the armpits for extra buoyancy
  • Can be used as swimming, sports equipment, or water toys
  • Remains in the shape it is bent into
  • Each pool noodle contains 58 contiguous joints in the core
  • Loud "cracking noises" when bending
  • 4 colors sorted