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Buliding Blocks Series : City Sanitation



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DIY Spatial Creativity manufactures a wide range of high-quality children's toys made of durable ABS plastic. The City Sanitation series of prefabricated kits contains prefabricated cars from various city services. This time, attention was paid to the rescue service, which includes several toy cars, including an ambulance. The car is assembled from 21 parts. They are all connected to each other with small plastic screws. Their hats have a cross-shaped hole, which is ideally suited to the screwdriver nozzle included in the kit. By working on a toy model, the child will be able to train several important skills: the ability to focus on the ultimate goal, be attentive, accurate, the ability to think logically. In addition, working with designers develops fine motor skills of the fingers. The kit includes small items, so the child in the process of compiling an ambulance model should be under adult supervision. Not only does the machine roll freely on various surfaces, it can make sounds when you press a button.

Age: from 3 years.

Material: plastic.

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