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C-Star 13 Gun - 2 Pieces


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Add that extra action and drama into your child's playtime with the Cstar-13 Laser Gun Set  that comes with 2 laser guns and 2 mechanical insects! 4 Types of Ammo available to switch between- Pistol, Shotgun, Machine Gun & Rocket Launcher. Choose your weapon, Reload, and Fire! The blaster does not come up with true laser light, only non-visible lights similar to remotes which never harm your body or eyes. The mechanical insects receive the rays from the gun at a distance of 43 meters and indicate being shot! Enjoy the fun of shooting with this durable and high quality gun that enhances your child's motor skills and coordination. The blaster has light and vibration effects that creates an energetic battle scenario right inside their playroom. Toy is ammonia free and safe to use. Suitable for 3 year old kids and older.