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Chicco Perfect Anti-Colic Bottle 5
The Chicco anti-colic bottle is equipped with a soft silicone nipple that mimics nature, so that your baby can enjoy an easy and fun experience.
He can move his tongue with ease because it fits the size of the child's mouth.
A design that fits the way the baby is breastfed, making him breathe safely and easily, and enjoy continuous and comfortable feeding.
Anti-colic because it is equipped with a back membrane to prevent the baby from swallowing air, thus ensuring his safety after feeding.
The Chicco Perfect 5 bottle guarantees maximum hygiene because it has a base that disassembles so that you can reach all parts with ease.

Chicco glass bottle for the comfort of mother and baby
It has a valve that prevents air from mixing with milk.
Made of heat-resistant natural glass that maintains the correct temperature of milk for longer and more cleanliness
It reduces the incidence of colic for your baby.
This is a soft silicone nipple for easier feeding.
Airtight cap does not leak milk.