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Chicco Soft Silicone Spoon, Pack Of 2 - Pink


  • Lets you delicately feed your child in the most simple and correct way
  • The silicone tip ensures maximum gentleness on your baby's gums
  • The shape of the tip and special curvature allow correct spoon-feeding
  • The handle is long and ergonomic to hold and move it easily while feeding your baby
  • The tip remains raised from the table when not in use to ensure better hygiene
OverviewThe ergonomically shaped baby spoon by Chicco is extra-long and made entirely of silicone. Its tip, in particular, is very soft and therefore ideal for your baby’s smallmouth. A small raised section on the bottom side ensures that the tip of the spoon does not rest on top of a surface. Due to its special length, the Chicco feeding spoon can also be used for deeper jars.