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Digital Building Block Car


An interesting concept, with 5 activities, this wooden car is an educational toy for the little ones.

Especially suitable for children aged 3-5 years, due to its functions and concept.

Made of wood, with non-toxic water-based paint, the car has wheels and a cord to be taken for a walk.

5 educational functions:

  • sorter with geometric shapes - wooden blocks, various shapes and colors;
  • sorting cubes in the shape of numbers, colorful and attractive;
  • facet with sorting mathematical signs;
  • on the back cutouts for cheerful shapes - heart and rhombus;
  • on the upper part the detachable platform with pins for forming figures;

The game on the top is especially interesting for the little ones.

In addition to the benefit of learning numbers, children will be able to observe the logic of matching pieces.

From the included pieces, and placing them on the rounded wooden pins, the children will form numbers.

The game stimulates logical thinking, motor skills, patience, and observation.