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Hydro-Pro™ Snorkel Set 14+ Ocean Diver Assorted



The Bestway® Hydro-Pro™ Ocean Diver Snorkel Set is the perfect companion for underwater fun. Available in two colours, the set for water enthusiasts aged 14 and over includes a mask and snorkel. The mask features aviator-style safety lenses and a double edge seal for a precise fit that prevents water ingress. The mask features a fully adjustable, two-piece mask strap so it stays securely in place for all underwater adventures. The snorkel with dry-top technology counteracts water ingress so you can dive below the surface with peace of mind. The jaw-matched mouthpiece features an integrated purge valve for easy water drainage. An adjustable snorkel holder ensures a comfortable fit.


product details

  • Age recommendation: from 14 years
  • Hardened lenses in aviator goggles design
  • Double edge seal for precise fit
  • Split, fully adjustable headband
  • Orthodontically adapted mouthpiece
  • Dry top snorkel technology virtually eliminates any water ingress
  • blow-off valve
  • Adjustable snorkel strap
  • 100% latex free
  • Assorted in 2 colors