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Joy Of Eid Box


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Eid Moubarak everyone. Make this Eid's gift useful as well as entertaining. The "JOY OF EID BOX". One gift with 10 gifts inside in both Arabic and English language. Wishing you a happy and joyful Eid.


1. Joy of Eid book with simple Religious information and entertaining activities.

2. "House of Sadaka" money box to teach the kids to save for Sadaka and its importance.

3. The ladder of good deeds game.

4. Memory game with Islamic symbols.

5. Dominos game.

6. Eid decorations and a satin thread.

7. Coloring pencils.

8. Stickers for the activities of the Joy of Eid book.

9. 2 3edeya envelopes.

10. Colored paper for origami.