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Kids Encyclopedia: Wild Animals


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Prachi kids encyclopedia is a series of 10 books having separate book to introduce a wide range of learning topics and everyday objects to the little scholars. The topics included in the series are birds, Earth, human body, plants, Science, sea animals, transportation, universe, wild animals and wonders of the world. The books present the concise coverage of the facts related to the given topic in an interactive and creative manner. Equipped with clear-cut images to illustrate the text, this book is compiled in such a manner that it helps to generate the interest among the children of all age group and would enjoy reading the book. This book series is a must for your collection of book of facts as these are filled with pictures that aid the learning process and make it a lot more fun than your usual encyclopedia. It’s time to flip through the pages and learn some wonderful facts related to the given topics.

For ages 6-12 years. Volume: Wild Animals.