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LEGO® CITY Holiday campervan


The LEGO® City RV Play Set lets boys and girls travel to any place they can imagine. The mobile home contains countless realistic functions for imaginative role-playing games. There is, for example, a small kitchenette and sleeping places. Mother and father as mini figures and the sweet baby figure enable many camping adventures. Creative building and gaming fun for children aged 5 years and over is available in this set of games, including a simple printed construction guide and Instructions PLUS in the free LEGO® Building Instructions app for smartphones and tablets. This interactive construction manual with magnification and turning functions makes building a child's play! LEGO® City World's creative LEGO City kits from the "strong vehicles" range are great gifts for boys and girls who can create realistic everyday situations and tell exciting stories with a wide range of cool vehicles.


  • The classic LEGO® City recreational mobile game set (60283) is only bursting with realistic features that inspire fun, realistic role-playing games, and lets children travel to any place they can imagine.
  • Contents of the set: Everything a child needs was to build a strong camper with plenty of cool features, as well as mother and father as mini figures and a sweet baby figure.
  • The RV consists of a table, a small kitchenette and a sleeping area. The hinged side wall and removable roof create space for playing.
  • A great gift for Christmas, birthday or other occasions – for boys and girls aged 5 and over who love role-playing games and model vehicles. Basic building skills are sufficient for this mobile home.
  • The finished mobile home is 9 cm high, 16 cm long and 5 cm wide.
  • The accessories include a cool baby carrier for the mini figures, a camping stove with a pan, as well as a fried egg and a croissant.
  • In addition to a printed construction manual, the kit also features interactive Instructions PLUS in the free LEGO® Building Instructions app for smartphones and tablets, which turns children into real builders!
  • LEGO® City Adventure sets in the "Strong Vehicles" range include realistic buildings and witty characters that inspire creative gaming, build confidence and improve dexterity.
  • All LEGO® City elements are built to meet stringent industry standards, ensuring they are consistent and compatible, and are easy to assemble and separate.
  • LEGO® City bricks and parts are subjected to fall, heat, pressure and torsional tests and analyzed to meet stringent global safety standards.