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LEGO® DISNEY Elsa and Nokk's ice stall


With the LEGO Disney Princess Elsa and Nokks Ice Stall (43209) children from 4 years of age can develop their building skills. The Ice Queen toy consists of a forest stable, an Elsa mini doll and a horse figure. The LEGO Frozen toy helps to increase the confidence of the children with a great gaming experience, while the helpful starter stones offer the small ones a stable basis for their construction. With the LEGO Disney Princess 4+ game set, adults can share the fun of building with the little ones. The children can take the construction into their own hands, because this set is supplied with illustrated instructions, which also makes it easy for readers to follow the process. Interactive digital building instructions provide for additional fun while building. With the free LEGO Building Instructions app, which includes intuitive tools for zooming and rotating, the toy is easy to build for girls and boys aged 4 and over. The ice stable is over 11 cm high, 13 cm wide and 6 cm deep. Contains 53 parts.


  • This LEGO Frozen toy contains Disney's Elsa Mini doll, the horse figure Nokk and a stable. Children show their pet love side when they help the Elsa mini doll brush and feed the toy horse Nokk in his stall. This 4 year old LEGO set includes starter modules that allow children to build quickly and view simple image guides. With the LEGO building instructions app, young builders can zoom, rotate and visualize while building. The LEGO toys promote important skills for the beginning of school, such as communication, concentration and self-expression. This toy for girls and boys aged 4 and over is a great gift for any occasion for children of preschool age