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LEGO® DUPLO® Buzz Lightyears planetary mission


LEGO Duplo Disney and Pixar Buzz Lightyears Planetary Mission (10962) - a development-ready design toy with many functions for small children - can take the imagination of the children into space. This versatile toy with spaceship and robot for young children aged 2 and over promotes creativity and imagination and teaches teamwork and the wonders of space. Fans of the Disney and Pixar film Lightyear and the iconic Space Rangers themselves will have their joy in helping LEGO Buzz Lightyear and his three toy friends - Sox of the robot cat, Ivan the computer and Eric the triangular droid - in finding the missing fuel cell of his spaceship. LEGO space toys allow parents to experience valuable milestones in their children's development, offering them unlimited fun, the opportunity to express themselves and the pleasure of exploring. The space toy is over 5 cm high, 14 cm long and 13 cm wide.


  • LEGO space toys with spaceship, LEGO Buzz Lightyear, Pixar's iconic Ranger figure, his 3 friends and fun accessories. With Sox, the robot cat, Ivan, the computer, and Eric, The triangular droid, you can experience endless adventures in LEGO space. The cave has an opening and closing function, the jungle area has a climbing field and the radar station has a turntable. The 4 friends search for the cave, explore the jungle to find the fuel cell and pick up in Buzz's spaceship. LEGO Duplo Disney toys are fun and educational at the same time, so that the smallest can have a great start to life. This toy with spaceship and robot offers captivating stories and promotes the development of motor skills. LEGO Duplo Disney Set has been designed with fascinating details and colors - an ideal toy for infants from 2 years of age