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Maskon Adults KN95 Standard - White (10 Pack)




Layers: Inner to outer

  • 30 gsm spun bond nonwoven, skin-friendly, absorbent fabric
  • 50 gsm Hot Air cotton non woven fabric ( plays the role of heat insulation, moisture, and moisture resistance, and improves the wearer's comfort and is an essential layer for proper kn95 specs)
  • 25 gsm 99% bfe & pfe melt blown
  • 25 gsm 99% bfe & pfe melt blown
  • 50 gsm spun bond non-woven water repellant fabric


Ear loop: 5mm flat elastic ear band with 200% elongation


Nose bridge: 5mm PE with wire, inner nose bridge


Breathing Valve: NONE



KN95 are disposable masks that can be reused for a MAXIMUM OF 2 DAYS.

Your mask should be replaced immediately in any of the following cases:

  • Contamination of the mask from physical touch or foreign droplets.
  • Damage of mask.