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Growler Electric Portable Soft Bullet Gun


This one-handed, electric blaster equips you with power and performance in a compact, high-speed package. Power up the acceleration trigger and blast darts up to 10 meters. This toy gun comes with 128 foam bullets included.

  • Smart Design
  • Large capacity ammunition bin
  • Single Hand Operation
  • Rotating 28-shot cartridge clip continuous firing of bullets
  • Compact and Easy to Use
  • Automatic Fire
  • Holds 28 Bullets
  • 128x EVA Foam Bullets Included
  • Range up to 10m
  • EVA safety soft bomb
  • This product uses a 3.7V rechargeable battery (comes with USB charging cable)

Unique Design
Breaking from the traditional appearance, this bracelet shape design allows you to operate and fire with one hand – making it faster and easier to strike back at your opponent.

28 Bullets
With a large-capacity magazine, these 28 bullets can be fired continuously or in short bursts giving you a choice on your planned attack.

Electric Motor
Thanks to the electric motor, it will automatically sense or prepare for the next dart so that there is little to no delay between bullets dispersed.

Long-Distance Shooting
The growler rapid-fire gun can shoot a range up to about 10 meters giving you a distance advantage over your opponent.

Safe to Use
The darts are an EVA safety soft bullet that is lightweight and will not cause injury or harm. They are reusable and eco-friendly. This set includes 128 bullets.